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Zen Bloom was created by Biahnca, an Atlanta based CBD Enthusiast, and working mother. Biahnca’s interest in CBD/hemp evolved as her journey through adulting and motherhood called for a regular self-care routine.
Following the birth of her children, Biahnca sought out herbal supplements to manage the physical and mental stress many working moms face as they navigate competing priorities. 
As Biahnca learned more about natural coping strategies and intentional self care practices, her curiosity in plant based wellness grew. Though Biahnca is quite familiar with the medicinal benefits of tetrahydrocannabinol, she developed in an interest in THC's newly popularized family member, cannabidiol (CBD).
When Biahnca began pairing CBD supplements and topical products with her self-care practices, her overall health and wellness greatly improved.
As Biahnca learned more about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and how the cannabinoids found in CBD/hemp products help our bodies maintain homeostasis, improve sleep quality, promote mental clarity, and regulate appetite, she became a huge advocate- constantly recommending her favorite CBD brands to other moms and women in her life.
From there, Biahnca manifested the idea to create Zen Bloom Balance & Body Brand. Zen Bloom is a brand committed to inclusivity and empowerment with a mission to encourage women to prioritize their self care routine.


A dropper full of CBD oil before morning and evening meditation. A warm bath and a CBD salve rub down before bed. An intense yoga practice followed by a shower and muscle massage with our cooling sports cream. CBD gummies and a good book in the afternoon.

We invite you to elevate your self care journey with Zen Bloom Balance & Body.